Practice areas

Copyright law, unfair competition and trademark law

Gładysz & Żerański Kancelaria Prawnicza sp. j.
  • drafts and negotiates contracts on modern types of legal objects protected by the copyright law, e.g. television formats, digital Internet contents, including audio-visual ones,
  • by using legal remedies, fights together with its clients against counterfeiters who illegally use the results of the client’s work and it helps prevent such competition from occurring,
  • provides its clients with publishing services, i.e. assists its clients in choosing and drafting the proper types of contracts (publishing contract, printing contract, joint venture, (co-op) publishing),
  • helps its clients fight against Internet parasitism, e.g. cybersquatting,
  • supports its clients in developing their proper relationships with the copyright societies,
  • assists its clients in solving the right clearance problems in the field of the copyright law,
  • advises its clients on advertisement campaigns, participates in negotiations of advertisement contracts.